Worst-Earthquake-Horror-Happened-in-New-Madrid-FaultPastor Jim and Lori Bakker welcomed Pastor John Kilpatrick back for a second day in which he discussed a troubling “God dream” he had in 2008. In it, he found himself suspended over a peaceful river that suddenly expanded, leaving him unable to see any land borders. The scene of the dream then shifted to him and a fellow church member running through a small, one room schoolhouse. The building began to buck like a horse and toss the men around like rag dolls. Pastor Kilpatrick said his teeth were hurting during the dream from clapping back and forth from the fierce shaking that took over the building. At the dream’s close, he saw an ancient-looking map with the words Indianola and Europa on it. After awakening, he called to his wife who found him shaking and disturbed by the dream. He asked her to look up the name Indianola on the computer and she found five cities under that name, two of which saw destruction as the result of hurricanes. Three American states also claimed cities by the same name: Illinois, Texas and Mississippi. When looking at a map later, Pastor Kilpatrick noticed a line extending from Indianola, Illinois and running close to Europa, Missouri. A friend, after hearing the dream and searching for more information, found that the two cities and Indianola, Mississippi lie directly on the New Madrid Fault, which cuts through five states. Upon learning this, the Pastor knew the dream signaled a great and catastrophic earthquake to happen. However, he believes the occurrence of a New Madrid eruption will only take place if America pushes for the dividing of Jerusalem. Should this earthquake happen, he suggests it will divide America in two physically. More in video below