6459640_GJust like Doogie Howser, this teen doctor wasn’t real either. A 17-year-old boy dressed in a white lab coat, face mask and stethoscope around his neck told West Palm Beach police he was a doctor at St. Mary’s Medical Center and had been practicing for years, according to a police report obtained by The Smoking Gun. But Dr. Sebastian Kent and several nurses immediately contacted police Tuesday after seeing the young man — who isn’t much older than the fictional TV character Doogie Howser — when he entered their OB/GYN office. “He presented himself with a patient of our practice and introduced himself as Dr. Robinson,” Kent told TV station WSVN. “The first thing I thought was, ‘I am really getting old because these young doctors look younger every year.’” The teenager was able to fool a lot of people and went undetected by staff — including the hospital’s security officers — for a month, police report. Staff told officers they had seen him walk around the facility and the teenager would be referred to as “doctor.” The hospital supplied surveillance footage that showed him walk around the hospital’s wings but never entering a patient’s room, police said. More