635579660533957179-chiefs27One hundred and sixty-one chiefs, senior chiefs and master chiefs will be forced to retire by Aug. 31 as part of the first forced-retirement board for chiefs in two years. The Senior Enlisted Continuation Board screened 7,017 eligible E-7s, E-8s and E-9s, of whom the 161 were selected, for a forced-retire rate of 2.3 percent, the chief of naval personnel announced Tuesday. The results will be available to command leaders starting Tuesday; those screened will be able to check their status on BUPERS Online Feb. 3. On that site, “S” signifies “selected for continued service”; “N” means “not selected for continued service”; and “H” means “not selected for continuation – in a hold status.” “SECB is a performance-driven review of active duty, full-time support, and Reserve master chiefs, senior chiefs and chiefs with more than 19 years of service and three years’ time-in-grade,” CNP said in a Tuesday news release. “The board helps to ensure the highest standards are maintained in the senior enlisted ranks.” More