Cross-take-upLike most people, I love my comfort. I love my church, life and my family. When I think about the future, I don’t want to imagine a world that is so radically different from the one I know now—a world in which the dreams I have for my children won’t come to fruition. In general, I like being happy, and I don’t like anything to disturb my happiness. I’m pretty sure that’s how most of us feel. That may explain why we typically don’t watch the news. It’s mostly bad news. And we don’t like negativity because … well, it disturbs our happiness. It should come as no surprise then how little most Americans know about what goes on in the world beyond our borders. However, I’m sure some have gotten wind of the recent rise of ISIS and its quest to establish a Muslim caliphate in that region of the world. It would be pretty difficult to escape that since you can hardly turn on your television without hearing something about it. More