Russian_army_mobilizing_for_warJust how much of a threat does Russia actually pose to the nation’s of eastern Europe, especially those along the Baltic Sea or among the Nordic states? And how real is the threat of World War 3, even if President Vladimir Putin took his game of brinksmanship to the point of no return with regard to Ukraine or one of the former Soviet vassal states? A Bloomberg report (via Yahoo Finance) from Nov. 13 suggests that those in the business of threat assessment at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) consider Russia a threat to European and, by extension, world peace. It should be noted at the outset that Russia has what is considered the second most powerful standing military on the planet, according to And give that it has increased military spending dramatically in recent years, not to mention stepped up training, military maneuvers, and patrols that have encroached onto European territory, such a large military could pose a formidable threat to various nations within quick striking distance. More