beautiful brunette whispering something into the ear of her girlfriendHow are you talking about sex at your church (or with your kids … or with your friends) these days? Or are you talking about it? Sometimes when we don’t know what to say, we say nothing. Or we say the wrong thing. Yet our culture is talking about sex every … single … day. And increasingly, they’re talking about how the church is talking about it.  The way we talk about sex, marriage and family is coming under greater and greater scrutiny. This is true whether Christians are addressing same-sex attraction, sex outside of marriage or marriage itself. For the record, I believe that the context God designed for sex is between a man and woman, married to each other for life. I also realize that fewer and fewer people share that conviction with each passing year. Increasingly, the view I hold is the view of a small minority. I understand that. But the fact that some church leaders hold a minority view means the way we talk about it becomes more important every year. More