timthumbInETH Health and Wellness today’s society, it seems that negative stories and moods are prevalent, even expected. Naturally, there are ones that are deserving of a negative response such as disturbing world and local events as well as challenging personal situations that may arise. However, there are times when society tends to seek out negativity on an ongoing basis, deriving a kind of twisted pleasure in others’ setbacks while eagerly anticipating the drama that will unfold on both the workplace and entertainment industry front. Sarcasm, inside jokes, rudeness, gossip, constant complaints and mind games are the norm for many who choose to live wrapped up in such a world. While the dark attitude is often laughed at and at times even glorified or dismissed by the masses, it can have detrimental effects on health. Regular foul moods and choosing to remain in negative surroundings can lead to inflammation, diabetes complications and heart problems. Jair Soares, MD, PhD, at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston explains that regular stress can lead to systemic inflammation and put people at an increased risk for cardiovascular problems. More