iyvQuXBf9gmsBardarbunga volcano’s lava field now covers 65 square kilometers (25 square miles) and the amount of lava that has been spewed out equals about 1 cubic kilometer (0.24 cubic miles). For the kids at the Graenuvellir kindergarten in Husavik, north Iceland, going out to play was not an option. They were kept inside on Nov. 4 to protect them from sulfur-dioxide gases spewing from the Holuhraun lava field near the Bardarbunga volcano. The eruption has been going for almost three months and shows no sign of stopping. Red-hot lava has spread 70 square kilometers (27 square miles), covering an area larger than Manhattan. “On regular days the kids go out to play to take in the fresh air, but that’s not really possible or safe under the current conditions,” Agusta Palsdottir, a manager at the kindergarten, which has 125 children between the ages of one and six, said in a Nov. 4 interview. More