Harry Walmer, WWII veteran of B-17 Bombers, tells his story of the devastation WWII brought, and his remarkable encounter with Christ in the midst of great personal danger. Harry was honored with his honor Flight a few years ago, and explains how much a simple “thank you” means to veterans. “The Lord was with me,” Walmer said. “That’s when I gave my life to Christ, during those horrible, horrible events. We saw so (much) destruction, so many people killed.” ¬†Walmer was drafted two weeks after his birthday, serving in the 8th Air Force in Europe, flying B-17s. “It’s difficult to think about it,” Walmer said. “As people try to comfort me when I feel real bad about it, they will say, ‘Remember, you didn’t do that out of vengeance. You did that to protect our country.” More