Little girl with a bowl of vegetablesETH Health and WellnessTeaching kids the importance of eating healthy foods now can set them on the right course for life, but if you’re not a health guru, educating your kids can be a challenge. That’s why we asked health and nutrition experts to weigh in on the 10 healthiest foods your kids need to be eating now. Discover their top picks, plus helpful shopping tips and advice. When writing your grocery list, keep these important tips in mind:

Focus on fresh. According to Dr. Timothy Harlan (also known as “Dr. Gourmet”), medical director of the Tulane University School of Medicine, the freshness of the foods you prepare for your kids is key. “If the food has been processed, it’s likely not very good for your kids,” he said. “Make your own macaroni and cheese — don’t get it out of a box. Don’t get fruit roll-ups — instead, buy fresh or dried fruit.”

Kids need fiber. According to Ashley Koff, RD, celebrity nutritionist and featured nutrition expert on the CW’s upcoming “Shedding for the Wedding,” fiber is a vital nutrient for your little one’s diet. “They need fiber — the real stuff — not the synthetic stuff added to junk cereals, so that would mean an apple, ground flaxseeds, fruits and vegetables,” she said.

Now that you know what to look for on your next shopping trip, read on to discover the 10 healthiest foods your kids need to be eating. More