Money-And-ObamaCareJust when you think that you have heard all that you can possibly hear about what is wrong with the Affordable Care Act — from broken promises, underperforming enrollment goals and higher costs to millions who still lack health insurance coverage — there is more to report. Spoiler alert: You’re probably not going to like this, either. You may have recently heard comments by Obamacare architect MIT Prof. Jonathan Gruber, in which he detailed to several panels how the law was purposely written to deceive voters and federal bean counters so they wouldn’t learn how much it was really going to cost taxpayers; that Americans were too “stupid” to really understand how the law was going to work, so they had to be lied to in order to get it passed; and how the law was crafted so as to be anything but transparent (remember then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s comment, “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it”? More