sukhoi-su-27Russia has moved more than a dozen advanced warplanes to Belbek, an air base on the outskirts of Crimea’s capital, Sevastopol, adding significant airpower in the Black Sea peninsula it took over earlier this year. Capt. Vyacheslav Trukhachev, a spokesman for Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, told Russian news agency RIA Novosti the planes included 10 Sukhoi Su-27SM fighters and four Su-30 fighter-bombers, among the most modern in the Russian air force. The move could be seen as further encircling of Ukraine by Russia with advanced armaments. It comes days after Russia sent its most advanced interceptor, the Mikoyan MiG-31, to an air base on its territory very close to Ukraine, from where the planes can easily control the airspace over east Ukraine where Russian-backed separatists are fighting a war with the government’s army. More