Questions have been raised surrounding the announcement that the “godmother of punk” who once sang the lyrics, “Jesus died for somebody’s sins, but not mine,” will be performing at the Vatican Christmas concert next month. Patti Smith, now 67, is among 18 other artists scheduled to play at the Conciliation Auditorium on Dec. 13 during the Vatican’s annual Concerto di Natale. According to reports, she had been personally invited by the Pontiff, known as Francis, after meeting him at St. Peter’s Square last year. She recently told reporters about the invite, “I like Pope Francis and I’m happy to sing for him.” Some have applauded the invitation, stating that references to religion can be seen throughout her music. “The person who did this really understood how Catholic imagery and atmosphere is woven into Patti Smith’s work; and the life or death urgency her work represents—it’s about salvation and redemption,” wrote Anthony DeCurtis of Rolling Stone. More