236FC5D600000578-0-image-19_1416780289875After adopting two young, biological brothers, a couple from Omaha, Nebraska, also decided to take in the kids’ six siblings, allowing all eight biological siblings to stay together. Melissa and Scott Groves began fostering children back in 2003 after they realized that natural conception likely wasn’t an option. So, after going through a program and getting licensed, they brought Noah, 3, and his brother Chase, 22 months, into the family home. It didn’t take long for the Groves to fall in love with the children, taking the necessary steps to officially adopt them. “Almost instantaneously these two seem to capture our hearts, and it wasn’t very long before I knew that if the chance arose I wanted to have them in our lives forever,” Melissa Groves told the Daily Mail. “Perhaps it was fate, perhaps it was divine intervention, I don’t know, but what I do know was that the boys’ ‘short’ stay with us turned into adoption.” More