downloadFor many years, well-known Christians like 700 Club host Pat Robertson have claimed that belief in a young Earth makes Christianity look ridiculous. They even say that a literal interpretation of Genesis actually keeps people from turning to Christ for salvation. Most recently he said this on the 700 Club: “The truth is, you have to be deaf, dumb and blind to think that this Earth that we live in only has 6,000 years of existence.” He also affirmed he believes in evolution: “There was a point of time that there was a particular human being that God touched — and that was the human that started the race that we are now part of.” What would YOU say to Pat Robertson if you had the chance? If you believe that the Bible and not evolution is true, you and your family need to get the FACTS to defend your beliefs! Our free Monday-Friday “Today’s Creation Moment” e-mail is filled with information that will show you why evolution is absolutely impossible. More