HomeworkThe parents of a middle school student in California are expressing concern after learning that their son was sent home with homework that required the student to outline key teachings of the Islamic religion. The parents, who maintained their anonymity in a recent local television broadcast, showed reporters a copy of the papers their son had to complete for his homework assignment from Manhattan Beach Middle School. “What are the teachings of the Koran?” “What is the sunna?” and “What are the five pillars?” “What I saw written in these bubbles was, ‘The one true god, Allah,’” the father explained, noting what his son had written in the section asking about the teachings of the Koran. “In one of the other bubbles was ‘All people must submit to Allah’ … Then, I turned the page over and I see the five pillars of Islam.” The parents state that while they don’t mind students being taught the history behind world religions, they believe it goes to far to ask to students to study the faiths in detail. More