smallChristian churches, ministries and individuals around the country recently joined together for 21 days in Ferguson, Missouri, to exalt Jesus above the conflict in what was coined “The Ferguson Response.” This coalition is urgently inviting Christians across the world to continue to fast and pray for the restraint of violence and for spiritual transformation in anticipation of the pending grand jury announcement concerning Officer Darren Wilson. Ferguson Response Director Jonathan Tremaine Thomas says, “Both authorities and citizens in St. Louis are bracing for a potential eruption of violence not only here but possibly around the nation. Not everyone is prone to violence but various  ideological groups have converged on the area and there is international presence. Some see it as a flashpoint for the advancement of anarchist agendas and have made serious threats, but we see it as a flashpoint for revival. We have clearly seen the prevailing hand of God and know that He responds to His people when we fervently pray.” More