7a414473bddb11940ae38828d1cfc2d7A UFO up to five times the diameter of the sun has been deflecting solar energy since September 2014 according to new video analysis of data from NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). A November 15 video analyzing SOHO’s data has shown how the sun’s solar activity is being directly impacted by a massive object that has changed its position several times around the sun’s southern hemisphere. Critical comments point out, however, that the darkened areas in the SOHO images are naturally occurring coronal holes on the sun’s surface. Is the sun being impacted in some way by an advanced extraterrestrial civilization, or is it all due to a misinterpretation of a coronal hole? In the November 15 video analysis, two of SOHO’s instruments for measuring the sun’s corona (LASCO 2 and 3) show how solar activity is affected by what appears to be a giant invisible hemispheric shaped object apparently deflecting or absorbing the sun’s energy. The object appears several times covering periods of several days at a time from around September 25 to November 9. The massive object is clearly impacting the sun in a way where no solar activity is taking place in the affected region. The video shows how the solar activity builds up along the edges of the object as though the solar energy is being deflected away. According to the video, this is because the massive object is a protective shield for a nearby UFO –an advanced extraterrestrial spacecraft. More