lecrae-mugLecrae Moore, 35, known as the Christian hip-hop artist and record producer Lecrae, has emerged as an articulate voice of reason in the wake of the grand jury finding that disappointed and enraged so many people in Ferguson, Missouri, and across the nation. His bold stand for Bible-based faith has put Lecrae at odds with many in his industry, but Christians appreciate his outspoken views on how believers should conduct themselves in the face of adversity. On Facebook, he posted a well-reasoned entry that implored Americans to turn their compassion inward to their own countrymen who are hurting. “Sometimes I wonder how we get so up in arms and culturally empathetic with people in other countries. But can’t do that in our own backyard. We rushed to Haiti. We adopt in Asia. We empathize with Africa. But struggle to humanize our struggles here in the States. Some people are responding out of hurt and are met with smug responses. If I tell you my brother got killed in a gang war, would you tell me ‘That’s what he gets! Shouldn’t be gang banging!’? Of course not. More