Two homosexual men in North Carolina have filed a complaint against their United Methodist minister for refusing to “marry” them, stating that he has failed “to perform the work of the ministry.” Scott Chappell and Kenneth Barner, who attend Green Street United Methodist Church in Winson-Salem, filed the complaint with the Western North Carolina Office of the United Methodist Church late last month, charging their leader, Kelly Carpenter (male), with discrimination. “On October 26, 2014, we asked Carpenter to officiate at our wedding and he has refused to do so, citing church rules from the United Methodist Book of Discipline that forbids pastors from celebrating homosexual unions or performing same-sex wedding ceremonies,” the complaint reads. “Carpenter’s refusal to perform our wedding violates our rights as members of his church and my fiance and I wish to charge him for this offense.” It further outlines that Chappell and Barner are “active members” of the congregation, and that Barner is “the current chair of the Leadership Council and often leads the praise and worship portion of the service.” The two became “engaged” during a Sunday service before the congregation. More