image68ETH Health and WellnessTraditional herbal medicine has been around for centuries. The naturally occurring plant derived substances have little or no industrial processing. Compared to manufactured pharmaceutical medicines. that destroy the land, the environment and there is also some research, that pharmaceutical medicines may be linked to spike in children born with autism. So this suggests to me, that some pharmaceutical drugs are doing more harm than good and effecting humans’ right down to their DNA. Medicinal Herbs have been more widely used in other countries such as Europe, Africa and China. However, increasing demand in the USA is leading to much debate on legislation, funding for research and investments. Although I am thrilled that the USA is recognizing the increasing demand, I also know that this great country of ours is motivated by money. We want things fast, factual and we want it NOW! Clinical trials take time and money. Investors are mainly not doctors, medicine practitioners or other acknowledged experts in the field. They are corporations with money that want to make more money. It has been said that many pharmaceutical companies have come under scrutiny in recent years because of marketing practices and priorities including pressure for favorable results. More