A_Disease_We_Thought_Was-17c7f3230f6fe1e65141b9cb0a2218e5We worry about dying in a plane crash, not a car accident — even though the latter has a far greater risk. So it goes with diseases, where Americans tend to fear distant new threats, like Ebola, and ignore the bogeymen so much likelier to get us: heart disease, diabetes, the flu. Those with the luxury of doing so have stopped being afraid of the illnesses we no longer see, the diseases that were painful, fatal, and widely feared before vaccines stepped in to protect us with almost miraculous efficiency. Perhaps the most striking example of this is measles, an entirely preventable disease that is making an alarming comeback in the US. This year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has documented 603 cases of measles spread out across 22 states — the highest case count since 1994. More