Dangerous-liesI cannot express how thankful I am to live in the age of modern medicine. When reading about medieval medical practices, I have come to a solid conclusion: If I lived during that time, more than likely with all of the injuries I have sustained, I would have died very young. Some of the things that they did to cure people are absolutely horrifying. Before general anesthesia, surgeons would put their patients into a deep sleep by having them drink a crude and highly dangerous concoction called Dwale. One of the main ingredients was three spoonfuls of hemlock juice—a highly toxic plant that alone can cause death. Driven by the wrong information or lies, decisions were made that ultimately risked lives and caused more harm, even death. Believing lies, in most cases, leads to disaster. Discerning the reality of the truth can be tough at any age, particularly for our kids. As our kids move into the teen years, the danger resulting from believing lies increases because it leads to toxic behavior. We need to lead them to the truth about themselves and life. In order to do that effectively, we need to identify the lies. Today, we are going to focus on teen girls. Here are three dangerous lies teen girls believe (Note: Thankfully not all teen girls believe these lies; however, these lies do have a powerful stronghold among the majority of them): More