ww-iiiRussian president Vladimir Putin has been planning for a major war for at least a decade, according to a former high ranking advisor. The Inquisitr reported Sept. 26 that not only has Putin been planning for military operations in Crimea and Ukraine, he has plans for the Baltic region and perhaps other territories as well based on the legal definition of what constitutes persons from Russia. Could this mean that the Russian president is willing to take the world to the brink of World War 3? Former presidential adviser Andrey Illarionov, speaking at a conference in Lithuania, said that his former boss has had designs on the region since 2003. The adviser noted that as far back as 2008, the Russian Journal had published a plan for the takeover of Crimea, followed by a military sweep northwestward toward Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Illarionov, who advised the Russian president on economic policy between 2000-2005, pointed out, according to the Lithuanian Times: “As we see, not only were they preparing, they were publishing it.” And, according to the former high ranking official, Putin himself revealed his position about Ukraine’s status as a nation in 2010 at a NATO summit when he said the state wasn’t a “real” nation but a country that took over territory once occupied by Russia, Romania, Hungary, and Poland. Illarionov said that the idea that there are ethnic Russians and Russian-speaking populations in many of the regions in question, peoples defined by Russian law, will be the pretext used by Vladimir Putin to move aggressively. It will be a position that might actually be embraced by the Russian people themselves. More