ufosThere has been another reported sighting of a UFO outside the International Space Station. In a video posted to YouTube, a glowing orb was spotted hovering as the space station makes its orbit around the Earth. But is it of alien or extraterrestrial origin — or is it a product of something less exotic and far more mundane? Credit UFO Sightings Daily with reporting Sept. 21 of the existence of the latest YouTube video of an unidentified flying object caught by a live NASA space station camera. The video, which was posted by user Streetcap1, displays a glowing orb keeping pace with the International Space Station, which is in decaying orbit about 261 miles (420 kilometers) above the Earth. In the posting by Scott Waring, he explains that not only does the glowing orb “moving upward” in the video, it is also seen “fluctuating.” Waring notes that the UFO is a “fantastic example” of the white ball type. “Most UFOs recorded around the world (about 20%) are white glowing balls,” he attests. But is that what is actually there? Could the white glowing spheroid be some glowing piece of space junk illuminated by the sun? More