c602-160406_copy1China’s PLA has released the details of its two anti-ship cruise missiles — the C-602 and C-802A — designed to sink warships weighing above 3,000 tonnes, reports national broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV). Both cruise missiles are designed by the China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation. Guan Shiyi, an expert from the corporation, said that the cruise missile is designed to fly like an aircraft in the atmosphere. With an engine similar to those in airplanes, the cruise missile can skim at low altitudes above the sea surface, making it very difficult to detect on radar. The Chinese government has not sponsored the domestic development of the missile, despite its power, Guan said. The China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation had to spend its own resources developing the missiles. The C-602 missile weighs only a ton, but one is enough to sink or severely damage a 3,000-ton warship. Guan said that three explosions were set off during trials for the missile’s engine. More