downloadThe mother of the man accused of beheading a woman at an Oklahoma food plant posted a video over the weekend apologizing to the victims’ families and claiming that there are two sides to every story.  Joyce Nolen, 50, the mother of the accused — 30-year-old Alton Nolen — appeared alongside the purported perpetrator’s sister, Megan Nolen, with both expressing their shock and disbelief over what unfolded last week. “My heart is just so heavy right now. I know my son. My son was raised up in a loving home,” Joyce Nolen said. ”My son was raised up believing in God … my son was a good kid.” As for authorities’ claims that Alton Nolen, a Muslim convert who reportedly tried to evangelize his coworkers before being fired from Vaughan Foods, a food distribution company in Moore, Oklahoma, decapitated Colleen Hufford, 54, and stabbed another employee at the company’s offices Thursday, Joyce Nolen was perplexed. More