> on January 7, 2011 in Juba, Sudan.One question continually being asked is, How can the Christian church grow? This issue is particularly relevant as we consider the harsh realities being imposed upon us today. How does the church find a way to advance in such an antagonistic environment? In an earlier post, I recounted that, though the church was conceived in the wicked constraints of the Roman Empire, it still found a way to grow exponentially. Reflecting on this, Mark Galli, the editor of Christian History Magazine, noted that by AD 350 “about 56 percent of the population claimed to be Christians.” Within a short period of time, the followers of Jesus literally overtook this violent, unforgiving empire. Historians such as Ramsey MacMullen of Yale and Peter Brown of Princeton acknowledge this expansion happened, principally, through healing and deliverance. In a time of intense persecution and evil, numerous conversions were ignited by these compelling signs and wonders. More