shutterstock_144339616__1393272467_142.196.167.223COLUMBIA, S.C. – A South Carolina state senator who has supported the critiquing of evolution in public schools says Christianity is being systematically outlawed from public schools and replaced with Darwinism. Mike Fair represents Senate District 6 in South Carolina and is a member of the state’s Education Oversight Committee. As previously reported, Fair objected to evolution-supporting terminology in proposed science education standards in February. Then, in May, he championed an education policy that would allow students in public schools to learn arguments both for and against evolution. Despite opposition from evolutionists, Fair is not shying away from the creation/evolution controversy. In a column published on Saturday by The Post and Courier, Fair explained his stance on evolution, arguing that courts have placed an unconstitutional “stranglehold” on the search for scientific truth. “The ‘truth’ must conform to Darwinism, or it is not allowed,” he alleged. “I don’t suppose it matters what your eyes see or your mind tells you.” More