North Korea Putin~s P_Cham640On Friday, a former aide of Russian President Vladimir Putin has come out and stated that the citizens in the Baltic States cannot feel safe and secure because Putin has been working on a major global war for over the past decade, the Lithuania Tribune reported. The former adviser, Andrey Illarionov revealed Putin’s intentions when he was giving a presentation at a conference in Palanga, Lithuania. Illarionov, who advised Putin on economic policy in 2000-2005 made his statements in reference to a question that was asked at a recent Riga Conference 2014 in which the question was, “Can people in Riga sleep peacefully at night?” Illarionov responded by saying, “The same question could be raised in Tallinn, Vilnius, Palanga, Bucharest and other cities. No one in Riga could reply to it in the positive. From my side, though, the question should be rephrased, especially after Barack Obama visited Estonia and said that NATO was prepared to defend Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius. The situation seems safer after the statement, but we must look at military readiness, military equipment at hand, not words. From the point of view of military readiness, NATO forces in the Baltics are insufficient.” More