Kellie Nightlinger and Erroll James Snyder (EJ).When contestants on the TV reality series “Utopia” stripped down, the Fox Broadcasting Company advertised – on digital billboards, no less – fuzzed out photos of the naked cast to draw attention to its program.  “Utopia,” in turn, became only the latest in a growing trend of television programs to feature nudity, joining VH1′s “Dating Naked,” the Discovery Channel’s “Naked and Afraid” and even TLC’s “Buying Naked,” all of which have debuted since June 2013. Despite the obviously voyeuristic allure, however, these “Naked” programs aren’t scoring with audiences. “Utopia,” for example, premiered with 4.63 million viewers, only to lose nearly half that many in its second week before tumbling down to 1.52 million viewers by Sept. 19. “Dating Naked,” similarly, has struggled to stay above one million watchers on average. “We focused closely on the ‘Dating Naked’ show on VH1, and the ratings on this one are absolutely abysmal,” Dan Isett, director of communications and policy for the Parents Television Council, told WND. “But it still remained on the air, even when they could get better ratings for reruns of network shows. “Is there some audience for material like that?” he asked. “Sure, but it pales in comparison to the audience for more worthwhile, family-friendly, wholesome fare.” More