DETSA mystery drone is the talk of Allen Park, as a family there watched the flying device land in their backyard. The operator–nowhere to be found. “We freaked out,” said homeowner Roman Urista. He and his family were sitting in the backyard around a fire recently, when the drone hovered overhead, lights on and propellers roaring. It crash landed in the family’s yard, still buzzing. “It didn’t look like a hobby toy to me,” said Urista. The Drone, valued at around $500, was equipped with an onboard camera. The family was scared to go near the drone, and once they saw the recording device, they called police. “If I lived in the neighborhood, I would be a little concerned,” said Lt. Dave Williams with the Allen Park Police Department. “There’s no markings of ownership on it,” he said. Which means whoever it belongs to remains a mystery the Urista family and officers would like to solve. Police say flying a drone on a public street is legal, and due to privacy laws they can’t watch what was recorded. Police are hoping the owner contacts them to claim the device. 7ABC