IS-fightersBritish special forces in Iraq have been ordered to carry chemical protection suits amid fears Islamic State terrorists could be plotting to launch horror gas attacks. Crack troops are in the north of the country training Kurdish Peshmerga fighters and ­identifying RAF bombing targets as part of ­Operation Shader. And spies warn IS fighters have stolen poison gas from Syrian forces. This could be unleashed on British troops in the wake of air strikes on the Islamic extremists in Iraq. The soldiers now carry nuclear and biological warfare protection and respirators. All vehicles are being fitted with gas detectors and an RAF Regiment trained in chemical warfare is on standby to fly to the region. The move comes as Britain was warned the battle to crush IS in the region could last up to a decade. And Barack Obama admitted the US “underestimated” the murderous group’s emergence in Syria. The Mirror understands there are many more UK troops in Iraq than admitted by the Government. More