War in SyriaIn a report by the politically subversive and left-leaning Haaretz Newspaper from Israel, the headline reads that Iran says “U.S. strikes in Syria will set (the) Middle East ablaze.” Observe that the Middle East is already ablaze and has been for some time. Why is it that the Middle East is always ablaze? Here are some reasons.

The Middle East is rich in oil making it a target for exploitation
The Middle East comprises diverse ethnic and religious people whose values and beliefs are contradictory
The Middle East has a tribal culture
Middle Eastern governments and culture mix church and state whereby Islamic laws often dominate at the exclusion of pluralistic society
Islamic sects in the Middle East are in perpetual conflict
Democracy and freedom are deficient or absent in most parts of the Middle East by free world standards
Large population of illiterate and poor people for exploitation by an educated and powerful few

Of course, Iran does not want the U.S. to continue its war against Bashar al-Assad because they are in alignment. Americans striking Syria is questionable unless it requests permission from the sovereign government to hit ISIS targets. However, there has been a game changer. Syrian rebels that were formerly independent from the Islamic State have now declared a ceasefire between them, and they are one. Full Store