Chance and Stephanie McMinnWhen doctors gave Chance McMinn 72 hours to live after he fell from the top of a four-story building, he looked to God for a miraculous healing. He got one. The accident happened during a night of heavy drinking. McMinn took a fall that damaged his lungs, broke his pelvic bone, L1 and L2 vertebrae, and femur. During the fall, he even broke through the third level of his brain, according to the Walton Sun. Today’s he’s walking. “The past three years have been really tough,” Stephanie McMinn told the Sun. “But Chance keeps beating the odds. He continues to heal. We’ve put our trust in God and we know He will restore Chance fully. God is not a halfway God—he does full restoration.” The paper reports that Chance is almost “back to normal.” Not only does he walk with a cane, he speaks full sentences and handles daily tasks on his own. “God told Chance that he was born to do this in a process,” Stephanie said. “Chance needed to heal from the inside-out, so he has been very patient with all of this.” Formerly struggling with alcohol addiction, a born-again Chance and his wife launched BeGenerous, a Christian nonprofit to help families in need and share the gospel. “I want to help others who struggle with addiction,” Chance said. “Anyone who is struggling with alcohol or any addiction, please reach out to me so I can lift you up.” Charisma