6928559-largeA sleeping family were woken by a mystery block of ice which fell from the night sky and crashed through the roof of their home. Hospital consultant Inderpal Singh, 40, heard a huge bang in the middle of the night and thought his home was being raided. Dr Singh, 40, his wife Manmett Kaur and their two children went to confront the intruders – but all they found was a giant frozen slab. They are convinced it is a megacryometeor – a giant hail stone created in the upper atmosphere during unusual weather conditions. Dr Singh said: “We had a lucky escape – it came to rest directly above one of the bedrooms.”We were only saved by the fact the loft insulation is 18 inches thick at that point and must have absorbed the shock.”It must have crashed to earth at a terrific speed – anyone hit by it would not have stood a chance.”The terrified family thought someone was kicking the door down at their home in the sleepy Birchgrove suburb of Cardiff.They could not find the source of the mystery noise until they noticed some of his roof tiles had smashed and were on the driveway. More