fogThe morning commute turned to chaos this morning as Sydneysiders battled their way through fog, and the Harbour disappeared into a cloud of white.
Even after the disappearance of today’s morning drizzle, live traffic cameras displayed a palette of white instead of its usual kaleidoscope of Sydney city’s iconic landscape. Weather experts suggest the fog is thanks to Sydney’s unusual downpouring of rain in recent weeks. In the last month, Sydney has seen rain for 24 of the 30 days. That’s a whopping 250 millimetres. A spokesman for the Buerau of Metereology told the main ingredient is a high pressure system just over eastern NSW. “We had clear skies overnight, which allowed cooling and light winds; if the winds are too strong, it’ll blow the fog right away.
“There was some rain about yesterday, which adds more moisture to the inner surface. We’ve got all the right ingredients for the fog to form”. More