SHRA man fishing off a dock in Florida this week reeled in a massive shrimp-like crustacean — stretching 18 inches in length and looking like it time-traveled from 500 million years ago. Another fisherman on the dock, Steve Bargeron, snapped some pictures and sent them to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Wildlife officials there have not yet been able to determine exactly what type of sea creature it is, but suggest it is likely a species of mantis shrimp. Mantis shrimp aren’t actually shrimp at all, but a type of crustacean known as stomatopods. There are more than 400 species of mantis shrimp; they’re used in some of the regional cuisines of China, Japan and Southeast Asia. FWC posted pictures of the strange specimen to its Facebook page, asking followers if they have “ever been shocked to find something strange on the end of your line?” One Facebook commenter suggested the crustacean was a Caribbean striped mantis shrimp, or Lysiosquillina glabriuscula. Another was less concerned with the exact species and suggested: “Cut off the head….steam boil or grill…then cut the back shell like a lobster and enjoy!” UPI