120613_SOMALIA 2The news regarding the Ebola outbreak that is spreading from West Africa continues to become more and more dire, with some now even predicting that the virus and the chaos that it is creating could find some nations lapsing into civil war. In fact, the Liberian government has already warned that the country could lapse into civil conflict, as has neighboring Sierra Leone, “if the Ebola epidemic ravaging West Africa is allowed to continue to spread,” Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported, adding: Information Minister Lewis Brown said the lack of urgency in the international response risked allowing a breakdown of societies in the region, where the outbreak has claimed almost 3,000 lives. “Hospitals are struggling, but so too are hotels. Businesses are struggling. If this continues the cost of living will go to the roof. You have an agitated population,” Information Minister Lewis Brown told AFP. “The world cannot wait for Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, to slip back into conflict, which could be the result of this slowness in response,” he said. More