1411013431973.cachedWin or lose today, the Scottish independence movement has already had an impact on much of Europe—especially regions with organized separatist movements, like Catalonia and Flanders. Should I stay or should I go? As the world waits to see how Scotland votes on Thursday, more than a few European regions are watching very closely indeed. If Scotland chooses independence, many regions with highly organized separatist movements like the Catalans in Spain and the Flemish in Belgium will be bolstered in their own fight for autonomy. Others where the aspiration to separate faded after generations of frustration, like the Breton independence movement, or Padania in northern Italy, may now take heart. Even if Scotland chooses to remain part of the United Kingdom, these regions will be watching closely to see what concessions the Scots earned by staying, and just how valuable the threat of a vote might be.  These are some of the more important movements: More