GFA-Taizeen-healedGreetings to you in the matchless Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! I am Jagesh, 35 years old. I have a wife and one son named Taizeen, 4. In the month of December 2012, Taizeen was afflicted with a sickness and was bedridden. Since we believed in the healing power of the Hindu gods and goddesses, we first took my son to temples. But even after visiting many temples, there was no improvement in my son. In the month of January 2013, we took him to a hospital, and it was diagnosed that my son was affected with leukemia. We learned from the doctors that the treatment for my son would cost more money than we could afford because we are poor. There is a woman named Pavitra working in the same hospital where my son was admitted; she happened to be a Christian. She came to know about our condition and shared about Jesus as the only Healer. She also asked us to listen to a Gospel for Asia Radio program that was broadcast in our language. One morning in January, I tuned my radio to the station and listened to the GFA Radio program, which was being broadcast. I called my wife and son to listen to the message. At the end of the message, while the producer was praying for the sick, I and my wife and my son joined along with him. I developed a belief that surely Jesus would heal my son, so I made a phone call to the number I received through the radio. As I called, the person in charge of GFA Radio follow-up received my call, and I shared our situation with him over the phone and requested him to pray for my son. More