???????????????????Unregulated genetically modified wheat has emerged in a second location in the United States.  No genetically engineered wheat has been approved for US farming, and the discovery of unapproved varieties can pose a threat to trade with countries that have concerns about genetically modified foods. The Agriculture Department said on Friday that the incident in Montana was on a smaller scale than one last year that prompted several Asian countries to temporarily ban US wheat imports. The herbicide-resistant wheat was found on up to three acres in Montana, while the genetically engineered plants found in Oregon in 2013 were spread over more than 100 acres. The plants were also found at a university research centre in Huntley, Montana, where genetically modified wheat was legally tested by seed giant Monsanto 11 years ago. The plants in Oregon were found in a field that had never conducted such tests, prompting questions about how they got there. The department said it was investigating the discovery of the Montana wheat, which is a different variety than the variety found in Oregon. More