emeAmerican Airlines reported back-to-back emergency landings at DFW International Airport early Monday as flights to Buenos Aires and Fresno were forced to return because of mechanical problems. In the first instance, an American Airlines jumbo jet three hours into its flight to Buenos Aires declared an in-flight emergency after the pilot reported indications of a pressurization problem. Flight 997, a Boeing 777-200 aircraft with 223 passengers and a crew of 14 , left DFW International Airport at 7:58 p.m. and returned at 12:23 a.m., said American Airlines spokesperson Laura Masvidal. There were no injuries. On the second flight, American Airlines tells CBS News that a flight from DFW to Fresno had to return to the airport because of mechanical issues. Flight 1359 with 140 passengers on board and a crew of five landed just minutes after the Buenos Aires flight. That plane also landed without incident. No one was hurt. More