applepayshot-610x259The rumors are true, the latest set of iPhones will include near field communication and consumers will be able to pay by using the Touch ID sensor built into the handset. The Apple Watch, a new wearable from the computing giant, will also have NFC and enable payments. The iPhones 6 and 6 Plus will both include NFC and a secure element that will store all the payment card data. Apple teamed with MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Capital One, and other banks, as well as 220,000 retailers. Consumers will be able to use the credit card associated with their iTunes account or add another card by taking a picture of it with the iPhone’s camera. When making a purchase in store a consumer will hold the phone up to the contactless point-of-sale reader and then authenticate with Touch ID to make a purchase. If someone loses his or her iPhone the owner can use “Find My iPhone” to put your device in lost mode so nothing is accessible, or you can wipe your iPhone clean completely. More