Troy-Schmidt-chaplainAs students returned to one school in Florida, there was a glaring omission. Books, desks and classrooms remain unchanged, and the cafeteria menu is virtually the same. But chaplains for the Olympia High School football team in Orange County, Florida, are no more. Instead, they’ve been replaced with “life coaches” after the school caved in to pressure from an anti-religion group. American Family Association says the school’s move to rename the chaplains is indicative of the actions being taken in American schools every day to systematically remove God and faith from education, and thereby, short-change students of their constitutional rights and religious liberties. “This Florida school is just one of many examples of unconstitutional and un-American restrictions on the free exercise of religion in American public schools,” said AFA President Tim Wildmon. “These schools are not protecting their students from anything—faith-sharing, ‘proselytizing’ or otherwise—but instead, they are stripping students’ constitutional rights from them, depriving them of the opportunity to receive faith-based guidance at a time in their lives when they need it most.” More