man-praising-heaven-clouds-mountainsThis summer I had the distinct privilege of serving Mat Staver, president of Liberty Counsel, in hosting pastors and wives luncheons in 30 cities preparing the way for “Who Will Stand?” citywide events. These rallies will challenge attendees to make a choice to use our voice for righteousness amidst America’s downward spiral. Mat—along with Mike Huckabee, David Barton, Sam Rodriguez, Ralph Reed and others— is challenging us to make a difference. How? Simply by replacing the muzzle with a megaphone to charitably declare and demonstrate truth. My travels and interaction with these shepherds of God’s flock have been an enriching experience. In these tumultuous times, I commend these men and their helpmates for their dedication and hard work. I learned much from engaging in honest conversations during the luncheons, with these being the primary takeaways from this investment of my life. More