yelloYellowstone National Park and the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory posted a brief article online Friday titled “A Short Statement Regarding Recent Rumors” to help dispel rumors that have begun circulating — again — about a possible eruption of the Yellowstone super-volcano, reports of mass evacuations, and other such issues. The YVO staff wrote: We have received enough concerned emails and phone calls that we’ve spent some time tracking down a few of the statements made on various “alternative Internet news sources.” … …”Virtually everything known about Yellowstone’s spectacular volcanic past comes from the scientists who work at this observatory, at all our eight member agencies. We’re the ones who mapped the deposits, figured out the ages of the eruptions, measured the gases, located the earthquakes, and tracked the ground movement. A few of us have been doing it for over forty years. We will continue to help you understand what’s happening at Yellowstone now, and what’s likely to happen in the future.” More