customs-aiportThe spread of Ebola from the West African epicenter cannot be stopped by restricting air travel or by closing borders, the World Health Organization in Geneva confirmed to WND Friday.  “The problem with air travel is that a person is not infectious unless they are actually showing symptoms,” Gregory Hartl, WHO spokesman in Geneva, told WND in a telephone interview. “So if you were infected a week ago, but you don’t have a fever or any other symptoms yet, you can fly and you’re not infectious; you’re not a danger to anyone,” he said. Hartl confirmed that a person with the Ebola virus might appear healthy while traveling but will manifest symptoms after reaching the destination country. “There’s no way to detect beforehand that the person is going to get sick. That’s one reason border closures don’t work,” he said. “How are you going to stop a person who’s apparently well from traveling? You can’t.” More