us-russia-plunging-into-new-cold-warThe United States faces the possibility of greater involvement in two wars: one with Russia and one with the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, aka the Islamic State. One is a throwback to nationalist wars of the past. The other is a worrying harbinger of the future. But for Ukraine the future is now. The Russian invasion and undermining of Ukraine continues as do the absurd denials by Russian President Vladimir Putin. . The latest front around the port city of Mariupolin southeast Ukraine appears aimed at opening a land corridor to the previously seized Crimea. It could also presage a push to extend the land corridor to Transnistria, the ethnic Russian part of Moldova. This would cut off Ukraine from the Black Sea and leave it a land-locked rump state. The rebels and their Russian supporters deem this the “Novouisiya” or New Russia and Putin continues to deny Russian involvement while saying a new state must be part of any negotiated settlement. More