georIf Ebola started spreading inside the United States, the responsibility for quarantining Americans who fell ill with the deadly virus would fall to local hospitals, and many health professionals question whether the facilities would be up to the task.  A senior press officer at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta confirmed to WND Friday that the CDC’s 20 quarantine stations located at ports of entry and border areas are not designed to house domestic patients. “Those are for people entering the states and for travelers,” said Benjamin Haynes, spokesman for the CDC’s Infectious Disease Team. He said the 20 stations “were strictly designed to stop the spread of diseases through travel and ports of entry. If there were a serious outbreak (inside the country), I’m not sure. Usually hospitals will set up those quarantine stations – it just really depends on the situation. I don’t know if there’s ever been a situation of a major outbreak like that, and if so I’m not aware of it.” More